Wooden carved family tree

 Are you stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas?

I know I am. Each year that passes by, it seems to get more and more difficult to ‘think outside the box’ and find that special something for those you love. I trawl the shops, staring at the rows and rows of ‘things’ and I am usually left pretty uninspired.

Until now that is…

If you’re looking for something that little bit different, and that is guaranteed to win you a few brownie points with loved ones, look no further than Cornish Whispers!

I was contacted by the lovely folks from this company a few weeks ago and I was offered a chance to review one of their hand-made Family Tree Frames. Seen as my husband is a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to home knickknacks and rolls his eyes if I so much as look at a fluffy cushion or copper photo frame, I took the opportunity to get one and have a guilt free knickknack made for me.

So, who are Cornish Whispers?

 A bit of background information on Cornish Whispers

Cornish Whispers

Who are Cornish Whispers?

With a passion for all things hand made, and a love of Cornwall, Husband and Wife team Adam & Emily decided to start their own business where everything is designed and made in Cornwall, and thus Cornish Whispers was born.

Adam’s background in carpentry tends to favour wood and chunks of timber as his material of choice, although he also likes to play with acrylics, cardboard, leather, ceramics and glass and likes to mix traditional and rustic designs with a modern style.  Emily’s addiction to beads and jewellery making was getting quite out of hand, and after running out of family members to make for, she had to find some new customers to appreciate her jewellery, all one-off unique designs. Both like to help each other and get involved with the design of every Cornish Whispers make. Their son Blake has also got the crafting bug, and has set up a stall with his own makes.

What do they make?

Their website features a range of Cornish Whispers gifts, most of which can be personalised with special dates, names and places, which are perfect for wedding presents, Christening gifts, unique Christmas or birthday presents, or perfect for treating yourself to a finishing touch for your home.
They aim to make all of our gifts totally unique and personal, so you can be confident that your recipient will truly love the originality of their gift.

Bespoke Work

They are also happy to undertake bespoke projects and will be happy to work with you on creating a product. Whether you would like some unusual wedding invitations or party favours, or an exclusive product line for your shop, they can take your idea’s and help you to make them into a reality. They really enjoy making a wide variety of custom pieces, whether it’s some simple engraving, to complex machine parts, they love to help with such a challenge.

 I ordered my Wooden Family tree on their website which was really hassle free and I was able to choose what colour wood I would like. I went for Walnut as we have a lot of it in our house already. Depending on the size of family tree you go for,  this dictates how many names you can have on the tree. My small one could fit 6 names, the larger ones can fit up to 12.

A few days later, it was delivered safely wrapped in Bubble Wrap and it had been waxed to give it a lovely sheen. It also has a rustic string to hang it from which I loved and it fits in with our home decor perfectly.


The way the frame is made is amazing to be honest. The wood is all interconnected and the names and branches all flow into each other. It’s a work of art as well as being something that has a very personal connection. The way the names are written is exquisite and even my Scrooge of a husband thought it was wonderful.

I have hung it in our little hallway and it is the first thing you see as you come in the front door.

A sign (literally) that we are home.


I really do love the work the guys at Cornish Whispers are doing.

I love that they are a small, British family business, I love their unique products and they really are a very talented bunch.

They have a range of gorgeous Christmas decorations which would make an amazing keepsake for a baby’s first Christmas (such as wooden baubles with a name inscribed) as well as photo frames made in much the same way as my Family Tree (which I might have my beady eye on as a festive treat to myself…hint, hint Mr Knutts)

For me, this is the sort of gift I love to receive. Thoughtful, sentimental, personal and beautiful. I am certain that anyone receiving something from them would be over the moon with it.

Do your bit this Christmas by supporting a small British family-run business.

You can visit the Cornish Whispers website here. Do stop by and browse their amazing creations!


 Disclosure: I was sent this Family Tree art by Cornish Whispers for the purpose of this review but all words, thoughts and images are my own.