We went to a friends the other evening for dinner after a walk. It was really lovely and we dearly love catching up with our friends, and now their kids, whom we have known for over 15 years now.

The kids sat down to eat first and were told to eat nicely by one of the dads. Any being silly or naughtiness would land them on the naughty mat (aka, the front door mat).

Within 2 seconds of the kids being told this, they all begin quacking like ducks and making each other laugh. I tried my best not to laugh at them but it was quite difficult.

And with that, the kids were, again, swiftly reminded of the ‘any being silly will land you on the naughty mat’ rule.

The kids fell quiet again.

Now, me being me, I just couldn’t help myself. I began quacking, which made the kids laugh, in the vain hope I could wiggle my way out of the dinner table chaos (who likes kids mealtimes really?!) and land myself a bit of time out on the naughty mat. A bit of peace and quiet.

Sadly this didn’t happen and I just got a stern look and a shake of the head in utter despair and disappointment for my childish behaviour and for encouraging the children to begin quacking again.

Oh, the shame. And no time out for me this time…. ☹️


All the little quackers together….