Silk flowers in a bottle which has been covered in gold glitter

I have been making some glittery bottles as table decorations for my parents 60th birthday.

We wanted to put something on the tables to make them look a bit more interesting but we also didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

I came up with the idea after seeing some jam jars on Pinterest which had been covered in glitter and used as decoration around the home. I then thought that used glass bottles would work in the same way and gave it a go.

Thankfully they came out ok and we are going to use them as stem vases grouped into a little display in the centre of each table.

Cheap, pretty and easy to personalise!

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 What you will need…

Some clean glass bottles with the labels removed (I did this by soaking them in water and then giving them a bit of a scrub with a rough sponge)

A bin liner

An old shoe box

A large tub of glitter in your choice of colour

Some spray glue/adhesive (available in Hobbycraft and most other craft stores such as The Range or online)

Some real or silk flowers

How to do it…

1 – Lay your bin liner on the floor outside or in a very well ventilated place, like a garage with the door open.

2 – Take a glass bottle and put one of your fingers inside it to steady it/move it around

3 – Spray the bottle with spray adhesive

4 – Place the glue covered bottle in the shoe box (with your finger still inside it to steady/maneuver it) and sprinkle with glitter until covered.

5 – Place on a clean bit of bin liner to dry.

6 – Repeat for the other bottles.

7 – Once dry, pop in your single stem real or fake flower and arrange as you desire!

 Silk flowers in a bottle which has been covered in gold glitter

And there you have it! Easy peasy and cheap too!

Have fun and make some in different colours!

 If you have a go at this craft, do share it with me on my Facebook page!