Pick your Poison: Raspberry Cream Cocktail

I am a huge fan of Baileys, despite the fact my boots were filled too much with it at Christmas.

I have to have it over ice, but it also makes the most wonderful ingredient for many creamy cocktails.

This cocktail, Raspberry Cream, is certainly not for those who don’t like creamy and sweet tipples. It’s a treat to have after dinner or as a fun cocktail to kick off an evening whilst entertaining friends. It’s really simple to make and even better, you don’t need a drinks cabinet full of different alcohols to make it!

Chambord, a Raspberry Liqueur, is another of my favourite things to drink as a treat. It’s great in a glass of Prosecco or added to a Sangria in summer to liven it up.

baileys and Chambord Cocktail


Pick your Poison: Disaronno Sour

As I am partaking in Sugar Free February at the moment for Cancer Research UK, this drink is strictly off limits for me until the 1st of March.


That doesn’t, however, stop me from planning ahead and I can tell you all now, as soon as February is over, this will be the first cocktail to pass my lips.

I had a wonderful time making cocktails the other evening for a lovely friends birthday (it was such a giggle, lots of vigorous wrist action going on!) and this was one of the cocktails we made. I have to admit, apart from Gin, Disaronno is one of my favourite things to drink. I am a massive fan of marzipan and all things almond flavoured.

This drink is sour, with a hint of sweetness, and very refreshing. Perfect anytime of year and really easy to make.

If you have more of a preference for sour tastes than sweet, add a dash more lemon juice. Cocktail making is very much trial and error and what one person likes, another may not so do have a play about with the quantities I suggest.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe for a Disaronno Sour.

(PS: My recipes from now on will be on these handy PDF’s so print them out, pop them in your recipe folder, add it to your Pinterest, save them on your computer or to your photo album ready for when you want to make one!)

 Disaronno Sour

Pick your Poison: Turbo Gin & Tonic

Let’s go Turbo!

Have you heard about the latest craze to hit the Gin world by storm? It’s a bit of an odd one but bear with me, it’s totally worth it.

The latest craze is to put cold brew coffee in your G&T, thus creating a Turbo Gin and Tonic.

Sounds odd I know, but it really does work and what better way to perk yourself up than with a Gin mixed with coffee? You’ll be buzzing in no time. Think of the speed  in which you could get the housework done after drinking one of these!


First off, what is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is the new kid on the coffee block. People everywhere are raving about it due to it’s apparently superior taste compared to normal coffee.

To make it, ground coffee is steeped in room-temperature water for up to 24-hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence which is then diluted with water, usually by 50%, and is then served chilled. The end product results in a sweeter, less acidic drink which, certainly in the summer months, delivers a satisfying and strong coffee flavour but in a new way.

The fact the coffee is less acidic also means it sits better in the stomach and can stop the person drinking it suffering the dreaded ‘Tom-tits’ (that’s cockney rhyming slang for sh*ts if you aren’t familiar). That’s got to be a bonus, right?!

How to make your own cold brew coffee at home

Simply put a teaspoon of coffee grounds per cup of coffee you’re making into a Cafetiere.

Top up with water from the kettle which is room temperature and then leave it to steep for 24 hours.

Once steeped, plunge the cafetiere and decant the coffee into a sterilised kilner jar or bottle and close with a firm/airtight lid.

The coffee will keep for up to 14 days in the fridge like this.

Turbo Gin and Tonic Recipe

Turbo Gin and Tonic recipe using cold brew coffee


(makes 1 glass)

35ml Gin (one with a strong hit of Juniper works very well with this – Sipsmith is a good one to use)

150ml Tonic water

10ml Cold Brew Coffee


Coffee Beans to decorate (and a slice of lemon rind if you wish)


Place the ice in a glass of your choice

Add the Gin

Pour in the cold brew coffee

Top with your tonic

Decorate with some whole Coffee Beans and a slice of lemon rind if you wish.

Turbo Gin and TOnic with Cold brew coffee recipe. Cocktail.

And there we have it! Super simple once the cold brew coffee is made and a lovely change to your usual Gin and Tonic.

Pick your Poison: Skinny Gin Cosmo

Happy New Year Knutters!

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s not really happy is it. It’s back to work and school, everyone is suggesting you should be exercising your ass off and be on a diet and mentioning drinking alcohol is like dropping the ‘C’ bomb. January generally sucks…if you let it.

I am a firm believer in the saying, “a little of what you fancy does you good”. That way, you aren’t craving stuff and feeling completely fed up. That’s the way I look at it anyway.

So, with this in mind, here is a recipe for a ‘skinny’ cocktail for when you fancy something a bit ‘naughty’ to drink but you can’t quite face the Bailey’s after overindulging in it a bit at Christmas.

It’s a recipe for a take on a Cosmopolitan but it’s made with, yep, you guessed it, Gin instead of Vodka.

It contains (depending on what products you choose to use in it) about 200 calories.

*Almost* guilt free.

Skinng cocktail Cosmo


(makes 1 glass)

25ml Cranberry Gin (or a citrus based one would also work very well)

100ml Low sugar/Low Calorie Cranberry Juice

50ml Soda Water

A generous squeeze of fresh Lime Juice

Cubed Ice


– Place the Gin, Ice, Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice in a cocktail shaker.

– Shake for 30 seconds until chilled.

– Strain into a glass (leaving the ice behind in the shaker, we don’t want to water it down now do we!)

– Top with club soda to taste.

low calorie cocktail

 Don’t let the new year’s resolutions spoil your fun! Life is too short!

Everything in moderation…

Pick your Poison: Salted Caramel Mudslide Milkshake

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and so what better way to make yourself feel jolly than with a Cocktail?

I stumbled upon this utter delight of a tipple online the other day and I just had to get some. It incorporated two of my favourite things, Kahlua and Salted Caramel. Put the two together, yup, Salted Caramel Kahlua.

Let me say that again.





salted caramel cocktail

I decided to try this in a cocktail I already love, the Mudslide, to see if it made it any better. And the result? Well, see for yourselves…


(makes 1)

50ml Baileys

25ml Kahlua Salted Caramel

25ml Vanilla vodka

2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

100ml Milk

1/2 cup of crushed ice

Caramel Syrup to decorate



– Place the Baileys, Kahlua Salted Caramel, Vanilla Vodka, Ice Cream, Milk and Crushed Ice in a blender.

– Whizz for 30 seconds and then pulse a few times to ensure all the ice cream and ice are incorporated.

– Drizzle Caramel Syrup around the inside (and a bit on the outside if you wish) of your glass and pour in the liquid.

– Pop a straw in and sit back to enjoy your festive feels!

 If you make this cocktail, do share it with your friends and tag me in a photo on Facebook or Instagram! I love seeing them.