Get your Bake On! White Chocolate Easter Egg ‘Bark’

White Chocolate Easter Egg ‘Bark’

Another recipe from the house of Knutts…otherwise known as the Knutt House!

Today, me and the toddler had a bit of time to kill and he was driving me mad asking for milk every 2 minutes…seriously, this kid can DRINK! Lord help me when he’s old enough to go to the pub and he has a taste for alcohol if he carries on at this rate!

We used some of our time to concoct something using up a multitude of Easter Eggs which have been sat in the cupboard taunting me (eat me! eat me! I can hear them….and I can’t stop myself!) so they had to go. And this seemed like a fitting way to dispose of them…

And so, today, White Chocolate Easter Egg ‘Bark’ was born!



300g – White chocolate (I used easter eggs)

1 cup – Marshmallows

1 cup – Mini Eggs (or anything else you have lying about that you need to use up!)

4 cups – Rice Crispies

Small amount of different food colourings, if you wish to marble different coloured chocolate into the mix too to make it look even more e-number ridden!



  1. Break your chocolate up into pieces so it melts quicker.
  2. Using a bain marie (basically a saucepan filled with a little water and a glass bowl sat on the top of it), melt your chocolate.
  3. Tip your rice krispies and half of your marshmallows and half of your mini eggs into a large bowl.
  4. Once the chocolate has melted, pour 3/4 of it into the rice krispy/marshmallow bowl and mix.
  5. Tip the remaining white chocolate into 2 small bowls and colour these pots of chocolate using the food colouring of your choice.
  6. Line a baking tin with cling film.
  7. Tip the white chocolate/rice krispie/marshmallow/mini egg mixture into the prepared tin.
  8. Blob the coloured chocolate at random over the top of your rice krispie/chocolate mixture. IMG_9229
  9. Using a knife/skewer or end of a spoon, swirl the mixtures together until you’re happy with how they look. The toddler really took his time over this bit….the messier the better! 😉IMG_9237
  10. Once you’ve prised the mixing implement from your toddlers hand, and stopped them from eating all of the mixture, you’re ready to throw the remaining marshmallows and mini eggs on top.
  11. Push the marshmallows and mini eggs into the rice krispie mixture slightly and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours at least to set.
  12. Once set, remove from the tray using the cling film to help lift it out and cut of break into pieces.
  13. Scoff it!!!!!!!!!

We hope you manage to have some fun making this and that your easter egg stash depletes a little!

If you have a go, do share your photos on my Facebook page or over on Instagram!

Happy baking!


And finally….yet again, the toddler had a strop whilst cooking as he didn’t like the fact I asked him not to keep eating the mixture and marshmallows rather than putting it in the bowl.

I’m such an awful mummy… 😉