Game of Thrones is back!

(and I’m perhaps a tiny little bit excited about it…)

I love Game of Thrones, as does half the world, and it starts again tonight on Sky Atlantic, 9pm.

I have it all planned out, the kids will be in bed by 7pm, asleep by 8:30pm at the latest, I will have made dinner in advance and we can eat before sitting down with a G&T to watch the new series at 9pm.

In reality, the toddler will probably play up and not go to sleep until 10pm, I won’t have time to prepare dinner for me and my husband before 10:30pm, the older ones will keep getting up because they need a poo, they have an itch in a random place or because they saw a UFO and we will have a storm arrive meaning the Sky signal disappears and we are faced with the blue screen of doom…

Regardless of what happens family schedule wise, I shall be watching at some point tonight.

Here is a conversation between myself and my 8 year old this morning

(when I was still half asleep due to a lack of coffee intake)


(Luke is shouting to me in the kitchen whilst I make packed lunches and breakfast…)

Luke: “Mummy!”

Me: “Yep…”

Luke: “There’s a new programme on the sky box, can I watch it?

Me: “What’s it called?”

Luke: “Erm, I’m not sure but the programme picture has a dragon on it…”

Me: “Right, ok. Well wait a minute so I can come and see what it is…”

Luke: “I think it’s ok Mummy, really, it is on the front page of the sky planner and it has dragon on and I think it’s a kids programme. It looks a bit like Harry Potter…”

Me: “Ok, wait a bit and I’ll come and look”.

Luke: “Well, I’ll start downloading it then when you get here you can tell me if I can press play”.

(2 minute pause whilst I finish doing lunches)

Me: “Right, okie dokie, let’s see what this new programme is you’ve downloaded…”

Luke: “It’s this one, Mummy”.

Me: “Ah. Right. Yes. That’s called Game of Thrones, Luke, and I’m afraid you can’t watch that”.

Luke: “Ahhhhh, man!!! Why not?! It looks cool!”

Me: “I know it looks cool (and it really chuffing well is as it goes!) but it is a grown up programme. Not for kids”.

Luke: “Well that’s rubbish. Why is it not for kids? What’s in it?! What’s it about?”

(Oh goodness…..don’t tell him about all the nudity, bonking, violence and the fact you think Jon Snow is more beautiful than a skip full of Terry’s chocolate oranges…)

Me: “It’s just a bit gruesome and scary for kids so it’s just for grown ups to watch”.

Luke: “But I’m not easily scared, I’ll be ok watching it Mummy!”

Me: “Trust me, no. Not for the next 10 years”.

Luke: “I hate being a kid…”

(Close call avoided….just. I really hope he doesn’t go off and look it up on YouTube now. I could do without that. It’s safe to say, I’ll be keeping a very close eye on him!)


My 6 year old was in Game of Thrones once by the way…

Get it?! Games. On a ‘Throne” – hahahahaha!!!!!

Sorry… 😉


If he is still desperate to watch it later, I will show him this instead. It’s just like the real thing…honest, Luke 😉

Click here to watch Seasame Street’s Game of Thrones Parody, ‘Game of Chairs’…

On a seperate note, I’ve discovered a “Game of Thrones Gin’, which is distilled in Northern Ireland where some parts of Game of Thrones was filmed. I might have to buy a bottle to drink whilst I watch the new series for the ‘fully immersive’ GOT experience… (any excuse eh?!)

Shortcross Gin – Game of Thrones Gin

Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? Will you be watching tonight?



Little Hearts, Big Love