a gin cocktail in a prosecco glass. Gold glitter on the rim and gold decorations on the table

Strictly come dancing is back!

Exciting and scary all at the same time because, for me anyway, Strictly signals the start of the run-up to Christmas…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I can’t even think about it yet. I’m in denial that it’s not still March.

Anyhow, in homage to all things Sparkly, Glittery and Strictly-tastic, I’ve made a really simple cocktail for you all to enjoy whilst you watch the heavily spray tanned dancers twirl about the ballroom.

It’s glittery, of course, and bubbly. Just like some of the dancers… Dahlings. Even Craig is excited about it!




25ml Gin

Chilled Appletizer to top up

Edible Glitter


1 – Wet the rim of your glass (I used a prosecco glass for this one)

2 – Pour some edible glitter into a pot which is big enough to fit the rim of the glass in

3 – Dip the rim of the glass in the edible glitter (I used Gold edible glitter dust by Waitrose for this)

4 – Pour 25ml Gin into the bottom of the glass

5 – Top up with your chilled Appletizer


a cocktail in a tall glass with edible glitter around the egde and gold table decorations

It’s a really simple one but one of my all time faves!

Once Dry September is over, this is going to be my first drink…and I can’t wait!

I’ll be dancing around the living room after a couple of these.

“Outta my way kids!!! Mumma’s shakin’ her groove thang’!”