Cooking up a Storm! (with Thaikhun Cookery School)

I love food. Sadly for my waistline and ‘shapely’ butt.


There isn’t much I don’t like food wise to be honest (except offal, oysters, mussels, black pudding, haggis…ok, there is a fair bit I don’t like) but one of my most favourite cuisines has to be Thai.

I love Chinese food but there is something really special about Thai food, the fragrant curry’s, the unusual herbs and spices they use, that I really like. That said, I am useless at cooking anything Thai. I don’t know what it is, I think that possibly I’m a bit daunted by all the ingredients and it can sometimes look a bit fiddly or time consuming. More often than not I have just had a long day of chasing a toddler about, as well as dealing with my older two, and I am too tired to even think about cooking something new and exciting. I try my best but sometimes, when you come downstairs at 8pm after putting your kids to bed you really don’t feel like slaving over the stove for ages.

Because of feeling uninspired in the kitchen, I was over the moon to hear from the lovely folks at Thaikhun, Guildford to see if I wanted to go and take part in a new cooking school they have started. I was a bit nervous about it but I put on my big girl pants and said yes. It helped that I could take a friend and I immediately knew who that would be. No, not my husband! Hahaha! You guys. No, my best friend, Chloe. A girls night out accompanied by Thai food. Win!

Chloe is a foodie if ever I saw one.  Seriously, this woman knows her stuff. She enjoys food, loves cooking, likes discovering new things and is literally one of the best cooks I know. Very different to myself. Sorry kids. Thankfully she jumped at the chance to come along with me so we got booked on and waited for the day to arrive.

Just before the event, we were told what we would be cooking to whet our appetites. Starter would be Vegetable spring rolls and Main was Thai Green Curry, which is Chloe’s favourite. I am also a fan but only if it isn’t too hot with chili! I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to spice.

The day arrived and we got to the venue 15 minutes before it was due to start so we could sign a disclaimer. I can’t recall what was on it particularly now but I think the jist was that they wouldn’t be held responsible if we were completely inept with a knife and hacked one of our fingers off whilst chopping a carrot nor sue them if you made yourself sick by not cooking your food properly. Both things were entirely feasible with me there!

We were in a group of 9 people and everyone was really lovely. We were all eager to get started and hungry too!

Upon signing our disclaimers, we were bought a welcome drink which was a non-alcoholic mocktail. It was served in a noodle pot with a chili on the side which was different but funky and it tasted very nice. We both enjoyed it. They also bought us over some prawn crackers to chomp on – nom, nom, nom.


After a few minutes, it was time to get cooking!

We had to don an apron and a fantastically flattering white paper chefs hat to turn us into master Thai chefs. I honestly looked so classy folks. The main issue was I had tied my hair up because we were cooking and the ponytail was impeding the hat from staying on my sodding head. It kept popping off and I was having visions of it flying off onto the hob, setting alight and then me being responsible for a mammoth fire. I will tell you all I ‘lost it’ after the starters were made. I still have no idea where it went… (*Bin*ahem*)

Thaikhun Cookery schooll

We headed over to the demo table to watch the pro chef make his veggie spring rolls and then, after a watch (I literally gazed on in amazement at how quickly the chef could chop veg and roll these things!) and a taste, it was time to get cooking. It was a bit like the Generation Game! My memory is as bad as Dory’s from Finding Nemo so thankfully Chloe had taken it all in and I happily became comme chef. Chloe is a ninja with a knife so she did the chopping and I did the grating/frying. I am an expert with a deep fat fryer. Deep fried Mars Bar anyone?!

 Thaikhun cookery school

I made the first spring roll and it was a little on the small side shall we say. I should have gone bigger but I was being cautious. Chloe made one next and hers was far larger than mine so I decided to make my next one the same size as hers. It was spring roll wars. Being the div I am, my next one was even bigger than Chloe’s! By the end of making 5 of the things, we had 5 very un-uniform (thanks to me) spring rolls. Bigger is better folks. Bigger is better. Paul Hollywood would have given 0 for uniformity put it that way.

Vegetab;e spring rolls Thaikhun

The recipe was really simple and we were stunned by how good just a few simple ingredients (veg at that!) could taste. Frying does make most things taste amazing though doesn’t it. After cooking our 5 spring rolls, we were allowed to sit down and scoff them. We thoroughly enjoyed this part!

Vegetable spring roll filling Thaikhun

We then went back to the demo table to learn how to make the Thai Green Curry. This was more complex because they showed us how to make a green curry paste from scratch which was really interesting.  However, the best bit is…even they use ready made paste in their currys! Woo hoo! I loved that. So, if you buy your green curry paste ready to go, this dish literally takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. Super quick and easy.

Thai green curry thaikhun cooking school

Once it was our turn to have a go, we went back to our work station (it was a large table set up with the ingredients, camping stoves and chopping boards for each couple which worked well). Chloe was once again on chopping duty and I stood and watched, sorry, learnt. I also had a chuckle to myself at the rubber gloves that were put out for us because they were called, Feelers ‘Food mates’. Don’t know why I found that funny, but I did. Simple things, eh?!

Feelers rubber gloves

The curry was made in no time at all and a real revelation to us both was not to fry the chicken before putting it in the curry. It goes in raw and almost poaches in the curry sauce which makes it really tender and juicy. It was so scrummy.

Thai green curry we made

Luckily for me it was spicy but not too much so I scoffed my bowl full, as did Chloe. Any leftover ingredients that we hadn’t cooked (like veg for the spring rolls) were boxed up in takeaway boxes so we could bring them home rather than them go to waste.

At the end of the session, we were asked to fill in a feedback form and we were all given a lovely goodie bag so we could recreate the dishes at home. It was a really great touch at the end of a smashing evening. With full goodie bags, full tummies and a new found confidence to cook Thai food more at home from scratch, we went on our way and I got home to bend my husbands ear regarding how good it was. I think he was a bit jealous so he pretended to not be too interested until the next day when I made Green Curry for dinner. Then he perked up. The way to a man’s heart and all that…

Myself and Chloe would honestly recommend Thaikhun cooking school to anyone. We learnt a lot, had fun, came away inspired and decided it would be a wonderful thing to do as a Hen-do or birthday party for adults. I know we would happily both go back.

Thaikhun cooking schools are available at various locations across the country. Prices (at the time of writing) are £50 per person which includes all ingredients, sitting down to eat your food, a welcome drink and a goodie bag. Pretty good value for a lifetime of cooking knowledge.

You can book on to a local Thaikhun thai cooking school session by clicking here.

Thank you for inviting us Thaikhun, Guildford. We shall be back!

Sa-wùt dee kà


“Today, let’s be adventurers…”

I love family time.

Ok, let me elaborate, not the kind of family time I spend cooking, cleaning, washing, wiping toilets and pooey bottoms, I mean quality family time, like going for days out and spending time exploring and discovering together.

Life is so hectic for us all, it is all to easy to let time and weekends pass us by. So this weekend, I made a conscious effort to not let it slip past us and I had organised a few things to do, as a family.

We went for dinner (courtesy of the wonderful Thaikhun, Guildford), we went for an evening walk to Guildford Castle, we spent a day exploring London and finished it off with a roast dinner with my parents and family. Pretty darn perfect.

The photo for this week’s #PointShoot that I have chosen is one I took of the gardens at Guildford Castle. They are just spectacular at the moment and, if you’re passing near there, I can thoroughly recommend a trip there for a walk around. The borders are looking glorious and there are lots of things for the kids to discover and explore there. It felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland walking down the winding path through the gardens which were full of precisely manicured red blooms.

Just magical…

 Enlight1 (49)

(As a side note to this I just wanted to mention, one of my best friends, friends, asked for my help at the weekend to start a blog. Of course, I said yes and I went to give her a hand. We had a lovely morning there chatting, drinking tea and giggling. Her name is Lea and she has started writing a blog called, 8 months dead and still living. As the title suggests, Lea is sadly living on borrowed time, mind you, we all are if truth be told… She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, at the age of 39, and she has started her blog as a way of helping process what is happening in her life and to help clear her mind a little. Many of us will understand how cathartic writing can be, so I truly hope this little space on the internet will help Lea share her experiences with others and allow us to share in her life journey. If you’re able to visit her Facebook page and give it a like, you can stay up to date with her posts when she is feeling up to writing them. She is a wonderful, strong, caring and fun-filled woman with a lot to say. Here’s to you Lea. Stay focused. Stay positive. We will be here reading and supporting you).


You Baby Me Mummy

Knutty Explorers: Thaikhun, Guildford – A review

“What the forkis for dinner?”

Enlight1 (47)

A question I get asked numerous times every week, and often one which makes my eye twitch in anger.

As a mum and wife, I find it really hard staying inspired on the dinner front. The intent is there, I don’t mind cooking, I bookmark recipes I like, with every intention of one day making them, and some weeks (when the world doesn’t feel like it is conspiring against me) I even manage to meal plan!

It doesn’t help that my kids are quite fussy eaters. Don’t ask me where I went wrong, I don’t know. I tried the baby led weaning thing, I tried pouches, I tried making my own cooked and pureed food until I couldn’t fit anymore in my freezer. You name it, I tried it, but nothing seems to have made much difference with any of my 3. Thankfully, the 8 year old is coming out the other side of it now and will at least try new foods but the 6 year old and the toddler have good and (very) bad days where food is concerned. Mealtimes can often be pretty traumatic in our household but I have stopped the shouting and started the calm, “well, that’s fine but you don’t get anything else”, approach. It doesn’t seem to have changed their eating habits but the house is a lot calmer so that’s something I suppose…

We rarely get to eat out these days because the toddler is incapable of sitting still for more than 15 minutes and I go into panic mode as soon as he or one of the other kids start revving up for a tantrum. The stares from other diners, the embarrassment when the waiting staff remove the toddlers plate and all he’s done is drive one of his toy trains we’ve taken out with us through his food. It’s just not worth the hassle, expense or wastage.

So, when I was contacted by the lovely folk at Thaikhun to see if we would like to review their new kids menu, I jumped at the chance…as soon as I had checked with my mum that she could babysit the toddler 😉

Luckily for us, Nanny and Grandad came up trumps as usual and agreed to have the littlest one so myself and Mr Knutts could take the 2 older ones to experience some Thai food. This would be the first time my boys have eaten Thai food (they have had some Chinese food however in the form of Prawn crackers and breaded chicken) because of their fussy eating habits and I was a little apprehensive but you have to give these things a go don’t you.

 With the little one safely dropped off for a sleepover at Nanny and Granddad’s (he was very excited!), we set off with the older two for our local Thaikhun Restaurant in Guildford, Surrey. They also have restaurants in various locations around the country so do check their website to find your nearest one. Luckily for us, Guildford is about 15 minutes drive from where we live so it wasn’t far to travel at all.

We booked a table for 5:30 and arrived there spot on time…a miracle in itself but probably helped by the fact we didn’t have a willful toddler in tow for a change 😉

We were greeted warmly by the staff and were shown to our table in the middle of the restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated and themed in such a way so as to try and transport you to the streets of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. I have to say, I’ve never been to Bangkok, but I certainly didn’t feel like I was sat near Guildford High street! They’ve done a pretty good job. The kids also thought it was amazing in there and I even sent them off with my camera to take some of their own photos for me. Looking around the place kept them entertained for ages…

(The photos the boys took)

 Once back from their trip around the place taking photos, the kids were given super activity sheets which had various activities on to keep them occupied, along with some colouring crayons and also some dried edible bugs which they were encouraged to try! One type was dried silk worms but I can’t recall what the other pot were – I was probably in shock and didn’t take it in. Either way, they looked maggot/worm like and I could see their little legs and faces staring at me, frozen in time. I immediately recoiled and had visions of me eating one and projectile vomiting across the table before we had even had anything to eat so politely declined, as did Luke my eldest. Daddy Knutts and the middle one however, were feeling game. They both tried a couple and then, to my utter bemusement, the middle one started scoffing the things like they were Haribo! This kid HATES vegetables and fruit to the point I have a 30 minute fight with him most mealtimes about even trying a mouthful, and yet, here he was, chomping on dried worms like they were the most amazing thing he had ever had. Kids…don’t try and apply logic to them. Ever.

Zak eating worms!

 We ordered our food and drinks and they all arrived at the table promptly. Seen as I love my cocktails, I thought it only right that I try one and I chose a Coconut Mojito, whilst Daddy Knutts plumped for a beer. It was absoloutely smashing and I could have easily had 3…or 6 of them 😉

The kids got cups of Milk, water or Juice included in their kids meal so we plumped for cups of milk which, when delivered to the table, came in cute little animal beakers with lids on. Despite my eldest being 8, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the animal cups at all and happily swigged his milk from it.

Our food arrived promptly, the kids dinners arrived with the adult starters which I thought was a fab idea and they, again to my utter amazement, tucked straight into their meals without so much as a whine! It was a miracle!

Luke opted for Grilled Chicken with plain noodles and BBQ Sauce. Zak opted for breaded chicken with sticky rice. All kids meals come with a pot of vegetable sticks in a cup too.

My fuss-pot eaters like to have their food separated at home if there is a sauce involved, so when the kids meals arrived in a tray which had compartments and separate pots to put sauce in, it was like my prayers had been answered! I think this is one of the reasons they didn’t moan and just excitedly tucked into their dinners. This made for a really nice atmosphere, as opposed to the usual mealtime carnage, so we actually all managed to sit, enjoy each others company and chat to each other which is a rare occurrence because poor Daddy Knutts often doesn’t get in from work until late and we sadly have to eat at a different time to the kids.

The meals were simple, but tasty, which is just what you want for kids. In my eyes and theirs, it was brilliant.

It was genuinely really lovely.

I went for some chicken spring rolls to start with and the hubster went for some deep fried breaded king prawns. Both dishes were really delicious and came with a dipping sauce.


 The kids were about halfway through their dinners by the time our mains arrived which was perfect as they still had some to eat whilst doing their activity sheets and nobody was moaning or getting bored because they had to wait or were finished. It was really good, family friendly, service.

For main, I chose Breaded Chicken with Coconut Sticky rice, which also came with a chicken soup on the side, and Mr Knutts went for steak with Sticky Rice. Both meals were delicious and we would happily recommend them to anyone thinking of going. The portion sizes were very generous, but not so much that you couldn’t finish it and ended up wasting food. Spot on once again.

The waiting staff were very attentive and spied me being a clumsy plonker as I knocked my middles ones milk off the table and all over the floor. A lovely waitress was straight over with some kitchen roll, she didn’t make a fuss about it, I helped her clean it up and she popped off to get Zak a new milk. Really great service and didn’t make me feel awkward at all.

We thought it only right that we try the puddings while we were there (well, you have to don’t you?!) and I went for a Sticky Date pudding with Whisky Ice Cream. It was sooooo scrummy. Squidgy cake, chewy dates, sweet and sticky sauce with a potent whisky ice cream. It was the perfect way to finish off my meal.


Hubster went for some Chocolate Chili Ice Cream and he really enjoyed that after a carb loaded meal.

The children got an ice lolly included in their kids meal, but sadly the freezer wasn’t working properly so these were off the menu. It didn’t matter, the kids chose from their grown up ice creams (not the whisky one, though it was tempting to see if it made them calm down at all…) and the waitress bought this out to them in a little bowl. It was just the right size for them and the Strawberry one that the kids went for had real strawberry in it. I might have had a little test of it myself… 😉


Overall, we had a fantastic time at Thaikhun, Guildford and we would totally have no qualms in recommending it to family, friends and Life is Knutts readers!

The kids meal, inclusive of a starter, main, pudding and drink is £5.95 which I think is really good value for money given the portion sizes and the good quality ingredients used.

Even if your children are fuss-pot eaters like mine, give it a go! You never know, you might be surprised like I was!

I have to just add, that I did have a bit of a giggling fit at my eldest reading out some instructions on the kids menu at one point. It was telling the kids how to say ‘hello’ in Thai, but one of the words, well, read it for yourself but it did make me chuckle hearing my 8 year old saying it at the top of his voice!


Thank you so much to the staff at Thaikhun, Guildford for being so kind and accommodating. We loved our evening out and will certainly be back, the kids have already asked when we can go again!

After our meal, we went for a little stroll up to Guildford Castle to help all that scrummy food digest. if you haven’t been to Guildford before, we can thoroughly recommend it. Little alleyways, places to explore, wonderful shops, a castle and much, much more.

Here are some photos from our evening stroll…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Disclosure: We were given a complimentary meal at Thaikhun, Guildford, in return for this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

8 Free or Thrifty things to do in Surrey…

The summer holidays can be a slog for us parents sometimes.

If your other half has to work for most of it *waves one hand in the air whilst holding a G&T in the other* or if you just don’t have the disposable income to go on a summer break, finding things to keep the kids amused for 6 weeks, for as little money as possible, can often be tough.

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you all my, ‘8 free or thrifty things to do in Surrey’ to give you some ideas and help keep you sane!

So, here goes…

1. A Day out at Stoke Park Paddling Pool

A firm favourite with kids and parents alike is Stoke Park Paddling Pool in Guildford.

It is a large, free, paddling pool with a children’s park, crazy golf (£4.50 Adults and under 16’s £3), skate park, a boating pond (for model boats) and a large amount of green space to run about/picnic on. There are toilet facilities there and parking is available nearby for a small fee. If you take a picnic, a ball game and your swimming things, you’ll be certain to have a full day out and come home with happy (and hopefully worn out) children!

Photos by Guildford Dragon News

 Postcode: GU1 1ER

Good for: Sunny Days

Cost: Allow up to £10 for parking (and maybe a few extra pounds for an ice cream if you fancy it!)

2. Abinger Hammer Village Green

Village green and River Tillingbourne, Abinger Hammer

A bit of a random one at first sight perhaps, but when I explain you’ll see why it makes for such a super day out.

Abinger Hammer is a small village in the Surrey Hills. Quaint, full of character and a picture postcard English Village.

The village green is home to a large green space, a children’s park (which was actually closed when we visited in August 2016 for repairs) and a river which cuts across the village green boundary.

The perk of this place is that the river, in Summer with little rain, is shallow and gentle enough to paddle in. The river bed is very rocky so I would recommend wearing crocs, or some other type of water appropriate shoes, but it is perfect to cool down in on a warm day.

If you take your fishing nets, some buckets and a magnifying glass, you can do some fishing or ‘pond dipping’ to see what you can catch!

The village post office, opposite the green, sells drinks and snack as well as fishing nets and buckets should you require them. There is also a dainty, traditional tea room connected to it should you require the essential sustenance of tea and cake!

Parking can be tricky, but I parked at the local village hall 2 minutes up the road as it wasn’t in use at the time and my vehicle seemed to be ok in there. There is also a car park for the local cricket club on the green which is available to park in.

A completely free, best of british, day out, in the most picturesque of settings, should you take a picnic with you.

What more could you ask for?




Postcode: RH5 6QX

Good for: Sunny or Rainy Days! Just make sure you wear waterproofs and wellington boots if it is raining!

Cost: Free! (Unless you buy nets and cakes of course!)

3. Box Hill Natural Play Trail


Box Hill is now world famous thanks to the London 2012 Olympic Road race route travelling up it, so inevitably you shall encounter some lycra clad posteriors during your vist! It has become quite the cycling Mecca.  Box Hill is situated in the Surrey Hills and, once at the top, it has some of the most stunning views in the county, across the countryside, out towards Dorking.

There are a number of walking trails (maps/routes are available on the National Trust Website) but I would say that Box Hill Natural Play Trail is a super day out with the kids. They can burn off some of that energy whilst enjoying and exploring the woodland!

Myself and my family have done the Stepping Stones walk, which is beautiful but, with its 275 steps down, bear in mind, what goes down must come back up…it wasn’t a walk for the faint hearted, nor is it pushchair/wheelchair friendly so do bear this in mind! You can read about our walk around this route here.

It is also a super place for sledging should we manage to get a deluge of snow this winter…

At the top of the hill, there is a pay and display car park (free to National trust Members), a visitors centre, cafe, shop, toilet facilities and picnic benches.

It’s the perfect base for a day out exploring.


 Postcode: KT20 7LB

Good for: Sunny or Rainy days! Just wear appropriate clothing and good walking shoes regardless of the time of year!

Price: Approx. £8 parking (and spending money for cake and ice cream should you wish).

 4. Priory Park, Reigate

We have been to Priory Park in Reigate a couple of times before and it is really brilliant.

There is a huge playground, with a splash zone in the summer (not a paddling pool but a safe, non slip area where water jets and spouts allow the children to play with water), a skate park, fountained gardens, lake, an enormous amount of green space, a very modern cafe/information centre and superbly clean toilet facilities.

There is a Geocaching route around the park if you’re into that (there are 7 to find) and there are also various events held there all year round. For example the summer this year (2016) they have an inflatable fun park there for the whole summer and at christmas, there will be an outdoor Ice Rink there.

There is a large car park next to it and again, if you take a picnic, all you will need to pay for is parking to have a full day out.

It can get busy. especially at weekends, but get there early enough and you could have it to yourself for a while!

It is also the perfect place for hill rolling in summer, or sledging in winter, with its fabulous sloping hills around the edge.

Definitely a place to check out.


Postcode: RH2 7RL

Good for: Fair weather/Sunny Days

Price: Approx. £8 parking (plus money for ice creams and drinks should you wish to indulge)

5. Virginia Water Lake

Situated on the edge of Surrey, Virginia Water lake makes up part of Windsor Great Park.

It’s the perfect base for a day out exploring, wildlife spotting and, if you’re keen, cycling or scooting with the kids.

At 4.5 miles, the circular route around the lake, on it’s well made, smooth tarmac paths, makes for the perfect cycle loop with kids in tow. It’s not flat, but it isn’t so challenging that it’s unmanageable.

There is a visitors centre, cafe and toilets there (all of which are modern and clean) and there are various ice cream/coffee vans dotted around the lake too.

There aren’t any playgrounds here but there are lots of different things to explore. There is a waterfall. some old Roman Ruins, the lake itself, a polo area, various interesting nooks and crannies off the beaten track to discover and a 100ft Totem Pole!

It’s a wonderful place to go and we have managed to while away quite a few days exploring this place. There is no paddling or fishing allowed there but you can do some bird spotting and if you’re lucky, you may see a Heron or two!

The lake and it’s viewing points/vistas are just glorious and it is even more beautiful, in my opinion, in late Autumn/Winter when the fog and mist hovers just above the water. It’s magical (so magical in fact, it was used to film some of Harry Potter!)

Get outside and explore this beautiful part of Surrey!



Postcode: GU25 4QF

Good for: Days out, whatever the weather.

Price: Parking, no more than £10 (plus ice cream and coffee spending money!)

 6. Horsell Common


My 8 year old boys favourite place for a jaunt after becoming obsessed with H.G.Wells’ book, War of the Worlds.

Visit the sandpits where the martians landed in the famous book, play on a rope swing, hunt for Bronze Age Barrows and climb some trees!

This large expanse of common is protected and looked after by the Horsell Common Preservation Society. It’s a beautiful place, with multiple free car parks dotted around it, for you to be able to park up and enjoy a stroll. If you park at the new Heather Farm and Wetlands Centre, there are toilet facilities and a cafe there (which also serves wine, winner!).

It has many walks to offer and I love the way the landscape changes from dense woodland to open heath-land. It’s a fantastic place for bug and fungi hunting, though please do not pick and eat any of the fungi you see growing just in case it is poisonous! It’s always best to just look at these things and appreciate them…

It really is a nice place to walk and if you walk from the Wetlands Centre, you can also do some plane spotting at Fairoaks Airport which is nearby. The kids always love to watch the planes take off and come back into land


Postcode: GU21 4XY

Good for: Days out, whatever the weather.

Price: Free (unless you buy copious amounts of delicious cake at the Wetlands Centre!)

 7. Alice Holt Forest


I love this place. Huge expanses of woodland and forest sprawl out before you, ready to be explored.

Follow the signs to go on a set walk, they have a children’s route with wooden structures to explore on the way round which makes a treasure hunt type adventure out of the walk, or just follow your nose and see where you end up!

There are always activities on for the kids at Alice Holt (they recently had a Gruffalo Trail and then a Stick Man one), there are spots for den building and there is also a wonderful play ground, as well as plenty of open space to charge about on and get rid of some energy.

Should you wish to, there is a ‘Go Ape’ here too but you will need to book this in advance and, of course, this costs extra.

A super place to take the bikes as well.

There are facilities here consisting of a coffee shop. toilets, visitors centre, cafe and bike hire.



Postcode: GU10 4LS

Good for: Days out, whatever the weather.

Price: No more than £1o parking

 8. Leith Hill and Leith Hill Tower


Again, back in the Surrey Hills, but it is so beautiful there it’s hard not to love it.

Leith Hill, the second highest point in South-east England, is my favourite place to go with the family. The views are second to none, on a clear day you can see the city of London sprawling out in front of you and it’s a view I think you’d never get bored of seeing.

There is a tower, built in 1765, there which you can go in and climb to the top (WARNING: not for those who aren’t able bodied, scared of heights or claustrophobic!) and the view from up there is simply breathtaking. There is a small fee to go up the tower to help maintain it.

The area has a fascintating history which you can read more about here. Charles Darwin is known to have conducted some of his studies in and around here as his friends owned the nearby Leith Hill Place and he used to go and stay there quite often. Also of note, the composer Vaughn-Williams lived here until 1944 and then gave it to the National Trust so everyone could enjoy it. I am glad he did. It’s truly stunning…

Take a picnic, go for a walk, sit and admire the view, get lost in the woods, take in a sunset, visit in the depths of winter. Whenever you visit, you won’t be disappointed.

There are various car parks available nearby.



Postcode: RH5 6LU

Good for: Escaping it all whatever the weather.

Price: Parking, free along the roadside or no more than £3.50 in the car park. National Trust members park for free. Leith Hill Tower is £2 for Adults and £1 for children.

 Do you have a favourite free or thrifty place to visit in Surrey?

If so, do get in touch with me on and I will include it in my next ideas post!

 Happy Exploring Knutters!


You Baby Me Mummy

Stillpoint Massage, Guildford

Feeling stressed? (Always…)
Feeling rundown? (Erm, yep…)

Have a sports injury? (I’d love to have time for sport again…)

Gin and Tonic not even helping you feel better? (That would be a sad, sad day…)

If you answered yes to all the above questions, or just one or two of them actually, then get yourself to Stillpoint Massage in Guildford, Surrey.

A small studio, owned by a super friendly Dad from my sons school called Danny Tucker, Stillpoint massage can help you with your aches, pains, sports injuries and other ailments. 

Highly professional and fully qualified, Danny is here to help you feel like your old self again and to get you fighting fit.

Find the links to his Facebook page and website here:

Stillpoint Massage (Website and Booking)
Stillpoint Massage (Facebook)
(If you fancy giving his Facebook page a like and sharing it on too that would be smashing!)