Apple Bobbing Challenge (with Pink Lady Apples)

An apple a day keeps the vampire away…

Well, that’s what I’ve been telling my kids in the run up to Halloween 😉

As the day itself is now only one spooky sleep away, we decided to have a go at an old Halloween/Autumn favourite – Apple Bobbing! We were sent some crispy, sweet and delicious (oh, and perfectly child sized!) Pink Lady apples along with some equipment to do it. All I needed was a couple of plonkers to partake in the fun…luckily in our house, I didn’t have to look very far 😉

So, without further ado, here is our Apple bobbing challenge, in association with Pink Lady Apples.

The equipment you need to do to have a go at this yourselves is:

– Pink Lady Apples (perfect for small jaws!)

– A washing up bowl half filled with water

– Some swimming goggles

– A stop watch

And the rules are:

 – Pop the apples in the washing up bowl of water and place it on a table

– Get your first willing participant to don the goggles

– Set the timer for 30 seconds

– Give them a 3 second countdown and then start the stop watch which then gives them 30 seconds to grab as many apples as they can in 30 seconds using only their gnashers. Keep those hands behind your back!

– The winner is the person who bobs the most apples in 30 seconds.

As you can see, my little monsters need a bit more practice with their bobbing skills after only getting one apple each…but they did get to scoff the apple once they’d finished so it wasn’t all bad.

As a special spooky treat, why not melt some white chocolate, and make some skeleton face apples on a stick?!

Image result for chocolate halloween apple

These ones are by Wonky Wonderful Blog and you can find the recipe on her blog, here!

Have a spooktacular Halloween Knutters!

A ‘spooky’ mention over on Mum Amie (Blog)

I always get super excited when one of my posts or recipes is shared on another blog or website so I just had to share this with you all…

The lovely Aimee, who blogs over at Mum Amie, has featured my Halloween Intestine Jelly on her blog along with some other Halloween inspired ideas for doing it on a budget.

If you want to check her post out, you can do so by clicking the link below.

Thanks for featuring me Aimee!

Read all about it!

Pick your Poison: Halloween ‘Blood Shot’ Cocktail

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, pour me some vodka and make it a double!”


As Autumn descends, and Halloween draws nearer, I’m getting more and more in the mood for all things spooky!

This cocktail recipe is for a vodka based potion, which is guaranteed to make you sing like Tina Turner…well, make you think  you can anyway if you have enough of them.

The syrup required for this cocktail is served in a 20ml syringe (available from craft shops or on Amazon) to make it look like blood – the perfect cocktail to get your fangs into!

The perfect drink for any Halloween party!


50ml Vanilla Vodka

Some crushed ice

A slice of lemon

A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

20ml Grenadine syrup


– Add crushed ice to the glass

– Add 50ml Vanilla Vodka

– Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

– Add the slice of lemon to the glass

– Fill the syringe with 20ml Grenadine syrup and rest it on the top of the glass to serve

– When you want to drink your drink, simply squirt the syrup into the glass and use the syringe to give it a good stir.


A vodka cocktail for Halloween with grenadine in a syringe to make it look like blood

 If you have a go at this recipe, do share it with me over on my Facebook page or on my Instagram.

Crafty Little Thing: Witches Potion Ingredient Jars for Halloween

Well hello there Knutters!

Here is the second of my Halloween crafts for you all in the run up to this Spooktacular day!

My first one was some gruesome Intestine Jelly (which you can find a link to here) and this one is a selection of jars, decorated to look like Witches Potion Ingredient jars.

They are really simple to make and would look great with an LED candle popped inside on Halloween night itself to make a creepy scene in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and really get our teeth into this fangtastic craft…

What you will need…

To make the Black Potion Jars

– A selection of old glass jars (old/clean jam jars are fine)

– Some black chalkboard paint

– A paint brush

– Some 3D craft paint (I used this)

– Some LED candles

– Some old Newspaper to cover the area you are going to be working on

To make a fake blood bottle

– Some Modge Podge (this can be bought from any good stationers/craft shop)

– Some Red Gel Food Colouring (I used a gel colouring I use for baking)

– An old glass bottle (I used an old Frobishers Apple Juice bottle)

How to do it…

To make the Black Potion Jars

– Take your clean glass jar and place it on the old newspaper.

– Using your 3D craft paint, write on your glass jar the desired words. I chose to write ‘Bat Blood’ with some pretend blood drips on one and ‘Poison’ on the other.

– Leave this 3D paint to dry overnight.

– Once the 3D paint is COMPLETELY dry, you’re ready to paint!

– Dip your paintbrush in the black chalkboard paint and start painting your glass jar, even over the dry 3D paint.

– Cover the jar completely (no need to do the bottom) and then leave it to dry.

– Pop in an LED tealight (or a real candle if you wish, but keep well out of the reach of children if you use a real one!) and start to set your spooky Halloween scene!

For the fake blood bottle

– Take your old glass drinks bottle and pour some Modge Podge into the Bottom of it. I used about 50ml for a fairly small bottle.

– Add some Red Gel colouring to the bottle too. I used about 5 drops, but it is a very strong colouring. Do it by eye. You’ll want quite a dark red colour.

– Swirl the bottle around to mix the modge podge and the red colouring together in the bottom. Once you have done this, start tilting the bottle so the red modge podge travels up the sides of the bottle as far up as you want it to go. I went about 3/4 of the way up the bottle.

– To finish off, tilt the bottle so some modge podge spills out over the top of one side of the bottle to make it look like blood drips on the outside of it.

– Leave to dry overnight.

 And there we have it!

2 different glass jar/bottle crafts fit for a spooky Halloween scene!

I decorated behind my bottles with some fake spider webs and plastic spiders.



If you have a go at these crafts, do share them with me over on my Facebook page or Instagram.

Crafty Little Thing: Halloween Intestine Jelly…

It’s the 1st of October and Autumn is officially here.

I’ve woken up to dark skies, rain and a definite chill in the air.

I don’t mind this weather combo if it is a stay at home day, sipping hot chocolate and watching a film with the family but sadly, today, I am off out to play hockey.

In the rain.


 With Halloween at the end of this month, I thought I would start doing some Halloween crafts/bakes/drinks for you all and so here is my first one…

Intestine Jelly!

I made this for my kids when they had a play date the other day, to test their reaction, and they thought it was ‘super gross’ and ‘cool’ in equal measure.

Praise indeed from 7 and 8 year olds – they can be more critical than Gordon Ramsey…

It’s really simple to make, so simple I managed it, and would look great on the table at a Halloween Party!

 You will need…

1 Packet of Jelly (I used Hartley’s Black Cherry Jelly)

1 Packet of Strawberry Shoelace Sweets (I used these ones)

A Glass Bowl (I used a small glass one which the jelly filled to halfway once made up)

A platter or plate to serve on

 How to do it…

– Make the Jelly up, as per the packet instructions. I used Hartley’s Black cherry jelly which gave a really good, deep red colour (oh, and it tastes amazing too!)

– Tip the jelly liquid into your glass bowl.

– Add the Strawberry Shoelace sweets to the bowl of Jelly liquid

– Place in the fridge to set, as per packet instructions, ideally it should be left for 5 hours at least.

– When you’re ready to serve, set the Jelly bowl in a larger bowl of very hot water for a few seconds to loosen it from the edge. It’ll then slide out onto the plate easier.

– Remove the jelly bowl from the water after 30 seconds or so. Place your plate or serving on top of the jelly bowl and turn it over to release the jelly.

– You should now have a domed plate of stringy, wormy, intestine-looking jelly wobbling proudly on your plate.

– Decorate as you desire, I used some plastic spiders and a pretend web from a craft box I was sent by Viking Stationary to help set a spooky scene!

Another photo of Intestine Jelly. Made with black cherry jelly by hartley's and strawberry shoelace sweets. It is decorated with plastic spiders and a pretend spider web.

If you have a go at this spookily delicious craft, do share it with me over on my Facebook or Instagram page!