“Oh Crap!! It’s Father’s Day Sunday and I have got NOTHING! ARGH!!!!”

Ok, so the chances are most of you are sorted for Father’s Day here in the UK on Sunday. You’ve probably been organised, you’ve got presents and cards bought and days out planned.

If however, you’ve had more than enough on your plate of late and Father’s Day is bottom of your list of priorities (as it would appear Mother’s Day was to my husband this year, back in March, as he had organised the sum total of nothing, even going as far as having a domestic with me in the middle of Toys R Us because I started a discussion about wanting to buy the kids a slide which he objects to…don’t ask me why. He isn’t a garden person, so what difference it makes is beyond me. Anyhow, back to the task in hand…) and you’re in panic mode, I have a super quick and easy gift idea for you to have a go at. In fact, it’s so easy that the kids can do it actually. Winner!

So here we go…

Homemade Sprinkle Chocolates


Super easy, 2 ingredients, bosh.

Father’s Day. Done.

To make these chocolates you will need:

100g of Chocolate

(I used White because my husband hates it and it means me and the kids can eat them. It’s the thought that counts, right?! Eh, hubster who forgot Mother’s Day! Not that I bear grudges).

Some sprinkles of your choice, or whatever you have knocking about in the cupboard.

An Ice Cube Tray or Chocolate Mould Tray – preferably a Silicone One but a lightly greased ‘normal’ plastic one would also work.


Break the chocolate up into pieces and place in a glass bowl.

Get your Ice Cube tray and place some sprinkles in the bottom of each ice cube. Just a few so the bottom is coated.

Place some water in a saucepan and place the glass bowl with chocolate on the top of it – make sure the water isn’t touching the bottom of the bowl.

Place the pan on the hob over a medium heat and melt the chocolate. If the water begins to boil, turn the heat down or turn it off entirely and just leave the bowl sat over the hot water until the chocolate has melted. You may need to stir it occasionally.

Once melted, remove from the heat and carefully lift the bowl off the pan – be careful as the steam that escapes will be VERY hot.*

(*You can also melt the chocolate in the microwave if it is cooking chocolate, as per the packet instructions).

Carefully pour the melted chocolate into each Ice Cube compartment over the sprinkles until you have filled it.

I use small Ice Cube moulds and I got 12 chocolates out of it, the bigger the tray and the deeper the compartments, the less chocolates you will end up with. If you want more chocolates, just melt some more chocolate and repeat.

Once you have used all the chocolate, place the filled tray in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably 6.

When you’re ready to box them up, or place them in a bad, just remove them from the tray, popping them out as you would an Ice Cube.

And there we go! Super easy Father’s Day Choccies!

If you are feeling even more creative, you could flavour the melted chocolate with a little Orange Essence to make chocolate orange flavoured ones! The choice is yours!


If you’re also stuck for a card idea, I had to knock one up at home as I forgot to buy one in the Supermarket (truth be told, I was distracted by the fresh Cakes and Doughnuts) and I am “out-out” tomorrow with friends (I know, get me!!!!) so won’t get a chance to pick one up.

I used some card that was lying about the house and got the toddler to do some finger prints with some old paint to make 3 Monkey’s hanging from a branch on the front of the card, to represent each of the 3 boys.

Job done.

Present the chocolates and card along with a bottle of beer you’ve found knocking about and “Bob’s your Uncle!” – Father’s Day gift, done!


 Have a super Father’s Day all you Dad’s and Grandad’s out there, stay strong Mum’s, actually, what am I on about? It’s just a normal day for many of us Mums, running about after the kids and men in our lives, you’ll all be fine 😉

If you have a go at these chocs, do share your photos of them with me over on my Facebook page or on Instagram by tagging me, @lifeisknutts.

And, to finish, I will be sending love and thinking of all those out there who sadly no longer have their Dad’s, Grandad’s or Husbands. I know days like these are very tough for you all but rest assured we will be thinking of you.

“Sometimes, you never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”.

Make sure, if you can, that you give those you love a big squeeze this weekend. After the events of this week, I know I will be.