Education Quizzes Review – Help your child learn at home & at school

As a busy mum of 3, finding the time to help all your children with their learning on top of every day life chaos can be a real struggle. It’s enough to drive you to Gin!

School set homework each week, a small amount but enough to take up an hour and a half each week where my eldest (he is 9) is concerned, but I am also mindful that we need to be doing a bit extra at home in order to help them with subjects they struggle with. In Luke’s case, this is handwriting and confidence with Maths and for Zak, it’s spelling and literacy.

I set the boys challenges every week to aid their learning but it can sometimes get a bit monotonous and end in a shouting match which I despise. Because of this, I am always on the lookout for new apps or websites which will engage them a bit more and provide a different learning experience.

When I heard about a website called Education Quizzes and was asked to try it out with my boys, I was more than a little intrigued, as were they – any excuse to sit in front of the computer!

Education Quizzes is a website that aims to help all children to be successful at school and improve their confidence in areas they may not be so sure about. The company prides itself on making the school curriculum easy and enjoyable and includes all the levels of learning here in the UK; KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE. The quizzes are created by teachers and can be used either at school or at home.

Zak is in Year 2 (KS1) and Luke is in Year 4 (KS2). They both had a go at completing some of the quizzes to test if they were both enjoyable and helpful.

For KS1 learning, the educational quizzes that are available are designed to build your child’s confidence with the KS1 National Curriculum subjects (so Years 1 and 2 at primary school) such as English, Maths, History and Science, as well as most other school subjects including PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) which I think is wonderful. Education at this age isn’t just about numbers, writing and reading, it’s also about emotional development and I really love the fact that this is included in the quizzes.

We weren’t sure what to expect with the quizzes but the questions are easily understandable, both Luke and Zak could read and comprehend them unaided, and they seemed to enjoy the challenge of seeing how many they could answer correctly rather than panicking about it like they sometimes do at school.

education quizzes website

The first quiz we tried was a PSHE quiz on feelings and then we went on to try a Maths one, both KS1 and KS2. The lads flew through the questions and were both overjoyed that they got them all correct – granted Zak chose an easy topic of counting in tens but it was great as a confidence builder and it encouraged him to go on and try something a little harder where he got 10/10 again. It was genuinely lovely to see them wanting to do more, without me having to suggest it!

Education Quizzes website

There are a lot of quizzes to chose from and the wonderful thing about them is they not only tell you if you answered the question correctly, they also tell you why you got it wrong if you answered incorrectly. This is so very important in my eyes, just telling someone they have got something wrong is of no use to anybody, they have got it wrong for a reason and normally it’s because they simply don’t understand the subject. Explaining why something wasn’t correct is the first step to helping them improve so this is a huge aspect of the website that I love.

Education Quizzes website

Both myself and the children are really very impressed with the Education Quizzes website and we think it could genuinely be a really useful learning aid to guide them through their years of education.

A monthly subscription (which can be cancelled at any time) costs just £9.95, which is quite reasonable considering the amount and mix of learning materials that are available to you.

There is also a schools’ subscription package which parents and teachers can work together on and students can access the quizzes at home or at school (and what’s even better is, the more students a school signs up with, the cheaper the subscription! It is possible for some schools to spend less than £2 a year per child subscribing to Education Quizzes).

All in all, it was great to do something different with Luke and Zak at home to assist their learning and I’ve no doubt we’ll be doing some more quizzes on there in the future.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Education Quizzes. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Making sure that Maths Rockx!

The other week, I wrote a spur of the moment, heartfelt post about how Luke, my eldest son, was having a really hard time at school. It wasn’t any one thing that was causing it, it was a combination of factors, but he had become so nervous about school (and especially his Times Tables tests each week) that he began making himself poorly. He wasn’t eating his breakfast in the morning, he was giving himself tummy ache through nerves and he was also coming home ‘sick’ from school when in fact he was just worried. It was heartbreaking to see, especially when he is such a happy go lucky lad at home.

You can read my post, ‘Under Pressure’, here.

The response both me and Luke received from that post was overwhelming. We had messages from people all over the world saying, sadly, that they could relate to it, we had messages of support and kindness and we also had a message from a lovely lady called Jo who has made a Times Tables app called, Maths Rockx, to see if we would like to try it for free because she felt so sad for Luke. I cried, numerous times, because I couldn’t believe how lovely people had been and Jo just seemed to really understand how me and Luke were feeling.

She truly was our Times Tables Knight in shining armour!

Maths Rockx is an app to help kids learn their times tables in a fun and engaging way.

It was created by a wonderful woman called Jo, who lives in Australia.

Jo was a Primary School teacher, as well as a mum, and she could see that there were a few issues surrounding Maths and, more specifically, times tables. Some kids weren’t learning them at all, some children couldn’t cope with learning them in an old fashioned and rigid manner so began to fall behind and some just found it boring. So, she decided to do something about it and that is how Maths Rockx was born!

Here are a few words from Jo about Maths Rockx and how it came to be…

I was a primary school teacher for 15 years. During my career I was finding more often than not, children didn’t know their times tables any more – a fundamental skill was slipping through the cracks.

So, I would teach my kids their tables to funky beats and eventually started singing them to rock songs. It always worked, really, REALLY well. The results were consistent, the children knew their table facts quickly and had a blast in the process.

In our technology based society, the App platform is the perfect way for all children, educators and parents to have access to a teaching strategy that works – and it’s so much fun!

​When you see your children finally get it – that’s the best part.

My passion for this project is enormous. Every child needs this skill and Maths Rockx is the perfect teacher.

See what Maths Rockx is all about!

How happy do those kids look?!

And they’re doing Times Tables!

(I don’t think I ever looked that happy doing times tables…)

 What did we think of Maths Rockx and has it helped Luke?

In short, yes, it has helped Luke a HUGE amount and he is improving all the time with regards to his Times Tables.

He still has his tricky ones, 6’s, 7’s and 8’s but it’s not a complete whitewash of nerves and panic like it was before and now he actually doesn’t mind learning them, unlike before when he would crumble before my eyes and start sobbing before we had even begun.

Every day when Luke gets in from school, we make sure we sit down and do some times tables work together and every session starts with him listening to the Maths Rockx songs as a ‘warm up’ to get his brain in gear. He has certain favourite songs, ‘Happy’ by Pharell and ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful’ by One Direction and genuinely enjoys listening and singing along. I think the fact the app uses popular, and cool, songs is a real bonus. It means the kids can relate to the songs and they find them great fun to sing along to.

Luke didn’t want me to film him singing along to the songs because he gets really nervous, but he told me I could do it one time just for you guys. See, I told you he was a good lad…

If you’re a mother at your wits end with how to get your child to learn their tables, a teacher who is looking for a new way to teach times tables to your class in a fun and engaging way, or a friend who knows someone who is struggling with learning their tables, do share this post with them. I’m not doing it for likes and shares, I genuinely want people to know about this wonderful app and to be able to give it a go for themselves.

You can buy the app or find out more about it, here.

It’s been a revelation for me.

It’s been life changing for Luke.

Leith Hill tower

Thank you again to Jo for being so kind.

You’ve helped a little boy find his childhood again.

The Book Corner: Gordon’s great escape (a review)

“You can find magic wherever you look, sit back, relax, all you need is a book”

Dr Seuss.

I love reading to Ben my toddler. He is at that age where he really listens intently, and he also pulls the most expressive faces as I say the words. Every night, we try and sit together – me, Ben, Luke and Zak – and enjoy a story. Sometimes I read to them, other times Luke wants to do it. On this occasion, it was just me and Ben reading together and the story was Gordon’s Great Escape by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet – A husband and wife team with a passion for writing and illustrating. They also happen to be very funny.


The book description says,Follow Gordon the Balloon on his adventures around the world; learning new things, meeting people and avoiding all the dangers which come with being a balloon. Gordon is having a great time travelling with the circus when a storm hits their ship, leaving them stranded on an island! What will they do? Lost in the middle of the ocean and with no means of escape, it’s up to Gordon to save the day!” – Sounds gripping eh?! And I’m not being sarcastic for once 😉

The book is not too long, so good for a toddler with a relatively short attention span like Ben, and the illustrations in the book are wonderful. Bright and bold, with lots going on so you can spend just as long chatting to each other about what you can see in the pictures as you can reading the actual book itself. Ben loved pointing at the balloons when I asked him to find one of a certain colour.

We have a book by the same writers called, Barry the Fish with Fingers. Luke, my eldest, loved that book as a little one and it became his bedtime favourite for over a month. Gordon’s great escape has had the same effect on Ben. We have read it EVERY night for 3 weeks now and he is showing no signs of wanting to stop anytime soon! Well, they do say kids love routine!

Gordon the balloon is the perfect character for a kids book. Familiar, funny and adventurous. We really enjoyed seeing him ‘grow’ as a character (literally and metaphorically!) and Ben laughed his way through the whole book…though, on second thoughts, that could just be due to my unique narrative skills 😉

I suppose I should note that the book ‘contains mild peril’ but it’s really nothing too traumatic, not like The Lion King…sob.

It’s a tale of growing up, going on an adventure, being brave and saving the day. Things our kids do every day when playing in their own little worlds!

If you would like to buy your own copy of Gordon’s great Escape, you can do so via this link.

We would thoroughly recommend it – Gordon the balloon won’t let you (or himself – sorry, had to get that joke in there somewhere) down!

 gordon's great escape book review

Gordon’s Great Escape Activity ideas!

If you’re looking for some ways to broaden your child’s understanding of the book, or if you’re a school/preschool who would like to do some activities around this story once you’ve shared it together, these Gordon’s Great Escape activity ideas are just the job!

We had a go at at a craft from the sheets and chose to make a balloon pasta shaker/drum instrument. Ben has loved bashing it to pieces and shaking it to some music whilst charging around the house!

balloon instrument craft

Have a go yourselves using the activity sheets below!

Gordon The Balloon_v6_OUTL.FINALpdf (1)

Published by Simon & Schuster on 20th October 2016
Disclosure: I was sent this book for the purpose of this review but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own..and Ben’s!