Big Pink Link #87

Bonjourno beautiful Big Pink Linkers!

Another weekend has passed us by and in just 5 Monday’s time (yep, you read that right, 5!!!!) it’ll be *gulp* Christmas Day! I am so disorganised, I really must pull my finger out and do some shopping…

Anyhow, this week I am co-hosting with the bloomin’ marvellous, and Disney mad, Hannah from Just Hannah Jane.

So, now onto the WOW’s for last week…

Lucy from This Mums Life chose this post by Miller in the City as her WOW this week. She said;

“My WOW for this week is from Miller In The City. It’s a very emotional and heartwarming read about the struggles faced by those with premature babies”.

My WOW this week is by And then there were two.

“My WOW this week is by And then there were two. This post had me fighting back a few tears, I won’t lie. I could completely relate to it because, as much as it’s a privilege being able to watch your children grow up, saying goodbye to the last of those firsts is always difficult…”

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Pink Pear Bear

And now onto this week’s link up!

Life Is Knutts

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Big Pink Link #86

Well, as per usual at the moment I completely forgot I was hosting the wonderful Big Pink Link this week and I am ‘fashionably late’ by oh, erm, 4 hours. Could have been worse I suppose…

Anyhoodlums, here are the WOW’s from last week and the link to this week’s link up.


Lucy from This Mum’s Life has chosen this post by The Mummy Bubble as her WOW. Lucy said,

“My WOW for this week! The Mummy Bubble perfectly sums up what it’s like to have a bad day as parent, with some stories guaranteed to make you feel less alone”.

Laura from Five Little Doves has chosen this post by And then there were Two. Laura said,

“I agree with every single word of this and as parents I think we should all be more aware about the importance of our children’s idols”.

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Pink Pear Bear

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Big Pink Link #66

It’s time for the #bigpinklink again folks!

Another week has flown by and we are now just 4 weeks away from the Summer Holidays! Eek!

Excitement and apprehension fill me at the same time – and I am currently stock piling Gin in preparation.

4 more weeks of not having a complete hovel as a house, 4 more weeks of not playing referee to three ferrel children for 6 weeks solid, 4 more weeks of sneakily watching some trash TV whilst I clean the house.

So without further ado, onto the WOW’s!

 The first wow chosen by the baking goddess that is Kirsty who blogs over at Winnettes is by the very talented, Tooting Mama.

Kirsty said; “I loved this post by Tooting Mama. I think whatever our shape or body type we all have insecurities, things we would change. Whilst I think it is relatively healthy to want to better yourself with diet and exercise I refuse to allow the media dictate the ‘perfect ’body shape. This has become an even bigger concern for me now I have two daughters. The women discussed in this post really are inspirational”.

The second wow chosen by Kirsty is by Cheryl who writes over at Tea or Wine.

Kirsty said; “This post by Cheryl of Tea or Wine really struck a cord with me. Ellie starts school this year and whilst she hasn’t displayed any real adverse behaviour I know she is anxious about it. Taking a step back and thinking about why school is scary for the kids as well as us parents is so important”.

The first wow by the beautiful Lou from Pink Pear Bear is by the beautiful and heartwrenching Postcards for Findlay

Lou said; “My first WOW is for Postcards from Findlay with an absolutely heartbreaking story. Their beautiful photos will always be missing one person”.

The second wow from Lou is this one by Burnished Chaos .

Lou said; “Finding the positives in the end of precious precious nap times. It’s not all bad folks!”

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Pink Pear Bear

And now onto this week’s linkup!

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Big Pink Link #44 – WOW’s

So, my Big Pink Link hosting has come to an end.

*Ahhhhhhh – says the crowd*

I have had a lovely time helping the fabulous Pinklink ladies out and I am grateful to them all for trusting me to not cock everything up!

My final part of hosting is to mention the WOW’s for this week so, without further ado, here they are:

My first WOW is Prabs from Absolutely Prabulous. It’s a post for bloggers, and aspiring ones, and I loved it. We all question why we are doing it at some point and Prabs, as always, has managed to sum up exactly how we feel as well as share the love by mentioning some amazing bloggers. ‘Tis the season of kindness, joy and love and Prabs has this in abundance.x

My second WOW is by the gorgeous Jemma over at Sleepless nights and Ginger Highlights. I had the pleasure of meeting her at BlogFest a few weeks ago and she was just the loveliest person…and she had immaculate hair and makeup. I was in awe! Her post about the stress of having to go to the work Christmas Party, and how it can fill a mum with dread, had me giggling and nodding in agreement. The fear of having a sniff of drink and making a tit of yourself in front of everyone, the panic you feel having to find an outfit, we can all relate to it. Brilliantly written and extremely timely. Well done Jem!x

Hannah from The Diary of an Ordinary Mum has chosen her two WOW’s too. She said:

I absolutely loved this Christmas to do list from Sinead, over at Shinny and the Brood. I’m an absolute loon when it comes to Christmas but even I get a little stressed with it at times, this is a perfectly hilarious post about how to get through Christmas without going completely insane.

This is such a simple but absolutely gorgeous Christmas craft from Claire at A life in practice. These baubles look really stunning but easy enough that even I and the girls could attempt them- plus it doesn’t look too messy, major win in my opinion.

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Pink Pear Bear

 Head on over to the blogs of The Diary of an Ordinary Mum and Pink Pear Bear to join in this week’s #bigpinklink!

Thanks again for having me ladies! You are all wonderful!

Big Pink Link #43

Hello again you lovely peeps. So, somehow I managed to not completely cock up my debut part in the Big Pink Link last week and the gorgeous Lou at Pink Pear Bear has once again allowed me to co-host this week! I promise she isn’t drunk on too much Mulled Wine…

The Christmas tree went up in the Knutter household today and I managed to not completely loose my shizzle with the kids in the process. A feat worthy of at least one large Bailey’s later on tonight don’t you think?!

So, without further ado, it’s *fanfare* Big Pink Link time with my wonderful co-host The Ordinary Mum (who is one of THE LOVLIEST bloggers I have come across, knows as much about Disney as I do cocktails and she also takes the cutest photos of her little ones. A very talented wife, mother and blogger)

So, here we go!

First, the WOW’s chosen by the lovely Lucy from This Mum’s Life and myself!

The first of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from the ever wonderful Our Rach Blogs was honest, heartbreaking and so raw. I really felt for her but could also identify with some of her feelings, and from the comments it looked like many others did too.

The second of Lucy’s WOW’s comes from A Life in Practice speaking about a moment where she her instincts were screaming for her to be doing something differently, but feeling overpowered, has also been something that I’ve experienced. The message of trusting your instincts when it comes to your children, no matter who you upset, is an important one.

The first of my WOW’s comes from The Tale of Motherhood. It’s a heartfelt piece about PND and how it’s so important to talk about it. It’s such a difficult time of year to be suffering with depression or PND because people expect you to be happy, excited and jovial as the festive period is upon us. This piece lets you know that it’s ok to not be ok. You’re not alone.

The second of my WOW’s comes from the lovely Winnettes. As you all know, I LOVE my cocktails. Well, tipples in general actually. This post features some amazing Winter Cocktails for you all to make yourselves. Clearly this is right up my festive alley and I am adamant I will be trying all of the recipes in this post over the next few weeks!

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And now on to this weeks linkup! Happy linking!

Life Is Knutts

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