Funky Knutts Friday Music choices

 Thank gin it’s Friday.

A turbulent week for me for one reason or another but with the weekend looming just ahead of me I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off and putting my positive pants on. Life is a funny old game. I’m really lucky, I know that. I have a lovely family and a great bunch of friends, we are all (touch wood) relatively healthy but sometimes, even despite all that, I feel overwhelmed. I have decided after this week that it’s okay to feel down in the dumps. It’s okay to get angry and want to build a kiddie like fortress out of blankets and chairs and hide away in it. We all have days where life feels ‘too much’, but having those days makes you appreciate the good ones even more doesn’t it. Call it character building.

Anyhow, I am off to two shows this weekend (christmas gifts) which I am super excited about and I also got to see the fantastic Kaleo on Tuesday in Kentish Town. They were awesome as ever and I didn’t want the night to end. I could listen to that voice forever.

This weeks song choice is by a new artist Louis Berry. I heard it on Radio 1 ages ago and couldn’t remember who it was but managed to track the song down using my powers of super sleuthing. Louis is a new singer who is absolutely going to go places. A voice full of grit and gravel, a hint of Mumford and Sons about him and a wonderful song to boot. I truly hope he gets where he wants, and deserves, to be.

Song: Restless

Artist: Louis Berry

Year of release: 2016

Genre: Alternative/Indy


Louis hails from Kirkby in Knowsley, Merseyside  (where my husband’s parents now in fact live!) and he’s just 24 years old, which is hard to believe when you hear his voice which sounds like he’s been around gigging forever.

He has a few more songs kicking about on Youtube and iTunes and he has a new song out called, She wants me, which sounds just as great as this one!

He won a ‘One to watch’ award at the GIT awards in Liverpool for up and coming talent and I am certain this is a name we will see a lot more of soon.

I love the mix of country and rock in this song. You can’t help but want to dance around like a lunatic to it.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.