As I am partaking in Dry September for Children with Cancer UK (on which note, I’m not even halfway through the month and I could MURDER a G&T, mainly thanks to the toddler once again pooing on the carpet upstairs. Potty training is just the best! Said no person ever) I have created another Mocktail to try and get through the month.

This is a take on a Mojito, but using Coconut Water, and it is packed full of refreshing flavours, so much so, you’ll barely notice the lack of alcohol…oh, who am I kidding, it’s not quite the same but it’s really pretty darn good!


(Makes 1 glass)*

Cubed Ice

1/2 Lime cut into wedges

100ml Coconut Water

100ml Sparkling Water

3 sprigs of fresh mint

1/2 tsp of Sugar, unrefined is best

*If you want to ‘cheat’ (i.e: make life simpler for yourself) you can also buy a ready made Mojito base mixer such as this one from Ocado – I have tried this one and I love it. Just add 25ml of this base mixer to a glass, add 100ml of coconut water and top with 100ml of sparkling water. Finish with some lime wedges, ice and fresh mint! Easy peasy!


1 – Add lime wedges into a glass and give them a squish with a muddler or a spoon.

2 – Hit the mint leaves a bit to get them to release their oils (good for getting rid of anger) and pop them in the glass.

2 – Add the sugar and, using your spoon or muddler again, smush the ingredients together in the glass.

3 – Add your cubed ice, the coconut water and the sparkling water to the glass and stir a little.

4 – Garnish with some more fresh mint and add a straw!


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