Funky Knutts Friday Music choices

Oh! Hello there Friday you beautiful beast you!

(See what I did there? Beauty? Beast? It’s out today in the cinema isn’t it – not that my boys are at all interested so I think I might have to go and watch it by myself one evening…with gin in a can as company).

We have had a fairly good week – minimal chaos to report other than the Ben (my 3 year old) pouring half a cup of M&M’s on the living room floor and running them over with a pedal tractor we currently have indoors. I was cross at the mess, but even more cross at the senseless destruction of some delicious M&M’s. WTAF dude?!

This weeks song is by a band that I LOVE. Literally, I love them so much that their music would probably be on my desert island discs should I ever compile a list. They’re unusual, supremely talented and I can loose myself in their songs for hours on end.

Ladies and Gents, I give you, Alt-J.

 Song: Fitzpleasure

Artist: Alt-J

Year of Release: 2012

Genre: Indie/Rock

Fact – if you press ‘Alt’ and ‘J’ on your apple keyboard, it will type a Triangle or Delta Sign, which is Alt-J’s symbol.

 Alt_J hail from Leeds, UK. The band met when they went to Leeds University together. Their drummer, Thom Green, suffers from a condition which means he is 80% deaf. He plays amazingly well despite his condition.

The band were unable to use Bass Drums or Bass Guitars in their student halls, so this is why their sound is so unique.

Haunting, melodic, rock/folk at it’s best.

I was lucky enough to see these guys at Reading Festival a couple of summers ago and they were, for me, one of the best acts of the night.