Today’s Britmums daily photo challenge is: Women


The gamechangers…


Seen as its International Women’s Day I thought I’d do a tribute to the women who paved the way for change. The women who fought, went to prison, starved, were ridiculed and mocked and who suffered in order to give us, the women of today, a voice.

Without them, who knows what sort of world we would be living in now but I’d hedge my bets that it would be a different one to which we live in now.

Women, still to this day, have the stigma of being inferior, an object, being belittled but slowly and surely, the tide is changing. We don’t want to ‘take over’, we don’t ‘hate men’ but we do want equality and to not to be viewed as mere child bearers and home keepers.
I don’t have any daughters, but if I did, I’d want them to strive, to want to achieve, to put their mind to something and go after it because, thanks to these women, these Suffragette’s, anything is possible for them now.

As a mum of 3 boys, I intend to educate them. To raise them in such a way that they have respect for women. That they see us as equals. To become good sons, husbands and, maybe one day, Dad’s and Grandads’s. They are the next generation and I truly hope the tide of change continues as they grow.

Sadly, there are still women and sisters all over the world suffering from persecution, just because they were born female. Born with the ability to give life. I truly hope that in my lifetime, and my children’s lifetimes, that this changes but sadly, people still living with 13th century ideals are going to be pretty hard to turn around and I’m not sure it’ll ever happen worldwide in my lifetime. If at all.

Emmeline and Christable Pankhurst paved the way for us women to be heard here in the UK. To them we are forever grateful.

Make sure you do them proud today and acknowledge yourself. Know you’re important. Know you mean something and can make a difference in this world.

As women, we are all sisters.

Together, we are powerful.


Together, we are also often drunk and stupid too…but that’s totally acceptable 😉