Well, this half term break has so far been about as enjoyable as an epidemic of threadworm in a Primary School class.

This is mainly thanks to my lack of vehicle (no, my husband still doesn’t have his sodding car back and yes it has been in the garage being fixed since JANUARY!!! Yes, January, so he still has mine. I’ve seen entire villages built quicker than this car repair) and the bloody biblical rainfall we have had here in Surrey yesterday and today.

Today has mostly consisted of lots of shouting (by everyone), half done craft activities (totally not like Mr Maker demonstrates, he’s a total liar), fights over what film to watch, me picking up the same sodding toys 20 times over and loads of coffee. Later to be replaced by Gin.

Friends are visiting us Thursday and Friday thankfully. With any luck, I’ll most likely be in a caffeine and alcohol induced stupor by then.

How are the rest of you bearing up?!