Chocolate Chunk Shortbread rounds

I love shortbread.

My nan used to make the best stuff I’ve ever tasted and, despite being in possession of her handwritten recipe for it, I cannot get it to taste the same. I even use a butter knife and my hands to combine it like she did, not the KitchenAid (my nan would never have used a KitchenAid…though I do love mine) and it still isn’t right.

More. Practice. Required.

That said, my kids weren’t lucky enough to taste my Nan’s so they know no better (the poor devils) – ignorance is bliss as they say – and so when they badgered me to make some the other day, I threw on my apron and tried my best. And do you know what, they weren’t too shabby. Not perfect, but pretty good even if I say so myself.

These shortbread rounds have chocolate chunks in. Slightly more indulgent than your regular shortbread but truly scrumptious with a cuppa to wash it down.