It’s a momentous occasion for Life is Knutts this week….

My first guest post over on another blog!


(can you tell I’m a little bit excited by this?!)

I’ve written a guest post for a lovely blogging chum of mine called Tracy, who blogs over at The Culinary Jumble.


Hello Tracy!

Tracy is British, but is currently living in Sweden. This has broadened her culinary horizons somewhat and she comes up with allsorts of delicious recipes for us to try at home.

Her blog is literally about all things delicious (though also healthy at times) and you should check out some of her recipes!! They’re pretty darn amazing and are sure to make your tummy rumble.

My post is now live on her blog and you can read it here!!! Woo!

Life is Knutts Guest Post for the Culinary Jumble

It is a recipe for Boozy Salted Caramel French Toast and it is the perfect recipe for that ’emergency pudding’ we often need if unexpected guests arrive…or if I’ve point blank forgotten about something happening which often occurs these days…how long can I blame Baby Brain for?!??


Oh, and if you could give Tracy some love by liking her page on Facebook, that would be amazing! She really is super talented, I just moonlight 😉

You can find Tracy on Facebook, here.

Thanks so much for having me invade your blog for the day Tracy, you’re fabulous (and very brave!)


Peace out Knutters