Term school shoes

With only 1 week to go until my little munchkins are back to school, we have been busy zooming about the shops along with half of the nation to purchase new uniform, stationary and school shoes.

It’s my most dreaded time of the summer holidays to be honest.

Shopping and kids just don’t go together.

Most shoe shops are heaving and you now have to book an appointment like when you go to visit the GP, and all to often it’s utter madness. Completely Gin inducing.

When I was contacted by Term Shoes to see if I would like to review a pair of their school shoes for one of my boys, I leapt at the chance. I have honestly become very disillusioned with Clark’s school shoes. They are very expensive, they never seem to last very long (what my kids do to them during a school day I have no idea but it looks like they’ve competed in an Iron Man challenge at the end of each day!) and they seem to be more style than substance. The toys in the bottom of some of the shoes was the last straw for me. All the kids apparently ‘needed’ them but they had lost the poxy toys out of them within the first few days. Never again…

Who are Term Shoes?

Term School Shoes & Outdoors is a British brand registered in 2016 by a husband and wife team, who have been importing and selling a variety of children’s footwear brands in the UK. They started their business 6 years ago, to supply school shoes to the UK market and have learned much about the types of shoes British children need. Term was born out of the desire to make a great shoes and boots that children want to wear.

*Designed in the UK*

The shoes have been designed in the UK for the needs and desires of the UK child and they aim to make school shoes that even secondary school children will wear! Term school shoes are manufactured in India, again in accordance with EU standards. Once a child reaches 11 years old, they tend to turn their backs on traditional school shoes and buy high street fashion shoes, often very cheap and with no support, even damaging their feet. Term shoes will provide better support for these developing years, great insoles for comfort and designs that a teenager would be happy to wear.

Their designs for the younger market are gorgeous with contemporary and traditional options, concentrating on comfort and fit.

High quality leather upper, double dyed through, so that if scuffed it is less noticeable and can be polished in

Thermo rubber flexible and strong soles

Touch fastening and lace options – *new* loafers for older girls

Price range from £39.99-£49.99 depending on size/style

I had a look on the Term website and was presented with a decent, but not overwhelming, choice of school shoes for Zak. Using their handy print off foot measure, I checked Zak’s size and it matched what Clarks had measured him at when I bought him some trainers a few weeks ago. I knew I needed ones with robust toe protection because he plays football in them most playtimes and they also needed to be velcro fastening. He can do shoe laces, but he isn’t very quick at doing them so for the sake of ease, the teachers sanity and speed, I went for velcro. We chose the Hoddle Double shoe (RRP. from £39.99);

Term School shoes

They’re smart, comfortable and easy to get on.

The shoes arrived promptly and Zak couldn’t wait to get them on his feet (At the time of writing – 29/08/17 – Term Shoes have FREE next day delivery on all orders so make the most of it and get your order in before the kids go back!).

The shoes were well wrapped and arrived in pristine condition. They are made of real leather and have everything you’d expect from a well made school shoe;

Real Leather

Secure velcro fastening

Soft cushioned Collar

Cushioned insoles

Flexible Rubber Soles

Term Shoes website says this about the Hoddle Double Shoe;

“Designed in the UK with older boys in mind, this slip on school shoe has a fashionable look with a sleek toe and sole.  Manufactured from high grain leather and flexible thermo rubber soles, this is the ideal boys school shoe for middle school age upwards.  The pull on design makes the shoes easy to wear and the elasticated gusset on the upper creates a good fit.  A soft collar around the heel provides extra comfort to avoid blisters, whilst the comfortable insole provides support and cushioning throughout a busy school day.

Term school shoes are created with design, comfort and fit in mind.  Design so that children actually want to wear the shoes… Comfort so that children can do all they need in a day without a thought to their shoes… Fit so that comfort is improved but also a good fitting shoe looks after their growing feet”.

Zak is over the moon with his shiny new shoes and can’t wait to play football in them at playtime.

Term school shoes

He said they are easy to put on, comfy, shiny and ‘super cool’. High praise indeed from a 7 year old!

I feel happy and confident that they are going to last well, as well as fit his feet properly.

If you’re wanting to avoid the shops and get a robust, well made pair of school shoes for your little pickles, I would highly recommend buying a pair of shoes from Term.

You can visit their website by clicking here.

 Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Term School shoes for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.