Monday’s are my 8 year olds least favourite day.

Why, you ask?

Because he has French after school. (Terrible, I know….)

I really hoped that paying for him to join French club and sending him each week after school would instill in him, a lifelong love of learning a new language and he would see the bigger picture of it being easier for him when he gets to secondary school if he starts learning now.

Sadly not.

He despises it, even to the point he’s not sure if he ever wants to visit France.

The quote of the day today came from my 6 year old in response to my 8 year olds moaning…

8 year old: “Ah, man. Today is French day. Worst day of the week”.

6 year old: “Why don’t you like it Luke?”

8 year old: “I just don’t understand any of it! I keep trying and it just doesn’t make any sense! And then I get told off. Told off in French which I don’t even understand. I hate it!”

(I’m in the kitchen trying to stifle a giggle that’s about to explode at this point)

6 year old: “I know! I know what the problem is! The problem is, your French teacher keeps speaking Frenchlish! And that’s why you don’t understand her! So, to make it better, if she just stops talking in Frenchlish and talks in English, you’ll understand her and you won’t hate it anymore! Why do French people speak Frenchlish anyway?! Silly…”

8 year old: Shakes head, looks defeated and eats cereal.

6 year old: Has a smile on his face like he’s just come up with a solution to the problem of world peace and eats his Weetabix like a King.
And there we have it. The perfect solution to the problem is to demand the French teacher ceases speaking Frenchlish (or French as it’s known to us normal human beings) and everyone will be happy. Apparently.


A genuis is trapped inside the brain of this plonker, I’m sure of it…