A tricky subject to tackle when you’re “just a stay at home mum…”

I hate that phrase. I’ve always worked but sadly, because of the costs of childcare and because it works best for our family, I’ve sacrificed this part of me. Do I miss it? Of course. Am I resentful of it? Sometimes, yes. But then I stop and remind myself that it’s not all about me anymore. It’s about these little extensions of me/us that we’ve bought into the world and doing what’s best for them. Even if it means sacrificing something you love, you do it for your family.

But that then got me thinking, we are all so much more than just Mum’s who stay at home, have coffee mornings and gossip – contrary to what many people think. 

We are many things all at the same time. And that’s amazing. We are amazing. And the stay at home dads too, and the grandparents that have their grandchildren so the parents can still go to work and provide, and to the friends who help each other out, all of you. You’re all amazing.

So even though I don’t go out to ‘work’ at a real job, I do work. I do have a job and a role in life. It’s just a different one, for now anyway…don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.