When I was contacted recently to see if I would like to review a cake, what do you think my response was?

That’s right, I told them I hate cake and that I’ve never eaten any in my life.
Oh, who am I kidding?! Of course I said yes! I literally love cake, I can’t get enough of the stuff – unfortunately for my waistline and mum bum…
The company who asked me this most wonderful of questions was, Baker Days.
They’re an online company who are able to offer you hundreds of different cake designs, for any occasion imaginable.
Birthday cakes, thank you cakes, get well soon cakes, the list goes on.
The cakes come in a range of sizes and flavours but, the particular cake I was offered the chance to review was a letterbox cake.
As the name suggests, this is a cake which can fit through your letterbox so people don’t have to wait in for a delivery or anything if you’re sending it as a surprise.
First steps were to go onto their website and choose my design.
I didn’t have an occasion coming up for once, so (as much as I wanted to scoff a whole cake to myself) I decided to get a thank you cake for my mum to thank her for all she does for us. She is there to offer a helping hand whenever I need her to and myself and the boys love her to bits. We’d be lost without her. Well, maybe not lost, but I’d definitely have lost the last little shred of what’s left of my sanity without her about.
I chose a beautiful, colourful, design with flowers and birds on it that I thought my mum would like and I was then able to personalise it further with my own text. You can also add photos should you chose to do so, but I didn’t on this occasion. Had it been for one of the children, I am certain they would have loved the novelty of seeing their face on a cake!
I then moved on to choose the flavour sponge I would like to have. I knew mum would’ve loved a fruit cake, but I also knew she would want to share it with the kids (see, I told you she was lovely) so I went for a plain vanilla sponge. You can’t go wrong with a traditional sponge in my eyes.
I placed the order and then waited a few days for it to plop through my letterbox except, when it came, the letterbox cake was actually a little too large for my letterbox so the postman knocked to see if I was in so he could get it to me!
The irony.
I wasn’t sure if our letterbox was a little on the small side, or if the box was just a little too large. Anyway, it did make me giggle and I think the postie was just being cautious as I tried posting it through myself out of curiosity and managed fine.
I waited for my mum to pop in after work that same day and when she arrived, me and the boys presented her with her thank you cake. She was really taken aback and loved how it was presented.
It comes in a lovely little tin, with the Bakers Days logo on it, along with some candles, balloons, a party hooter and a card you can write in should you wish to.
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It really is well packaged so it’s totally going to withstand a plop on the doormat from a height just fine.
Upon opening the box, we noted that the cake is quite small, and for obvious reasons very flat, but despite this, you still get enough for 4-6 people to accompany a tea break!
It was in perfect condition and the shove through the letterbox had done it no harm at all. The packaging is really well thought out and protects the cake as well as keeping it fresh.
The design and writing were just as I had ordered and my mum loved what I had chosen for her. It was bright, cheerful and not at all tacky in my opinion.
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 Enlight1 (14)
We didn’t light the candles, but they have been stashed away ready for one of the kids birthday’s later in the year.
The kids did however, inflate all the balloons and had a whale of a time bashing them on each others heads and knocking them about the house.
My mum cut a little slither of cake for myself, the 3 boys and herself and there was still over half of it left so my dad and brother could try some when she got home. Aren’t we a restrained bunch?! Quite frankly, I’d have happily scoffed the entire cake in one go by myself. I do love a bit of cake!
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The texture of the cake was lovely. If I am being honest, I was expecting the cake to be a bit dry because it had been boxed and transported, but I was completely wrong! The cake was a perfect, light and fluffy texture, but still with some moisture in it. The icing was scrummy (always the best bit for me!) and we were all pleasantly surprised by it. If you’re sending one as a gift, you can rest assured that the recipient won’t be disappointed by the appearance, nor the taste and texture of the cake itself.
It’s a winner!
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The price of a Baker Day, 5 inch cake letterbox cake is £14.99 with a fee of £3.99 for 1st class postage.
I do have to be honest and say that this, in my view, is quite expensive for the size of cake you get, but if you have family dotted about the country, or you want to send a cake but with the reassurance of knowing it will be delivered hassle free through their letterbox, I really do feel like it is a lovely way to let them know you are thinking of them. The quality of the cake is also very good, as are the choice of designs.
If you require a larger cake, they can also supply these, but they obviously won’t be able to fit one of these through your letterbox!
I can safely say that if the quality of one of these larger cakes is the same as this smaller, letterbox one, the recipient won’t be disappointed!
It truly was scrumptious!
Thanks to Baker Days for letting us try one of your cakes! My mum absolutely loved her gift and it made her day.
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Disclosure: I was sent a Baker Days letterbox cake free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.