Purple and blue slushy with a darth vader in the background

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny”, Yoda.


I think this quote is particularly true of alcohol. I never used to drink very much, and then, once I had kids, BOOM! The need for an alcoholic beverage on a Friday night (Ok, and maybe a Thursday and a Saturday) was so strong it was like I was being lured by the dark side…

(I blame lack of sleep and wiping bottoms).

I’m not a wine fan, it’s wasted on me if truth be told (sorry wine fans, but at least it means more for you!) so that’s why spirits and cocktails are my ‘thing’.

The kids have been badgering me to make them a slushy for a week or so now but I wasn’t sure our blender was up to the job with the ice. I gave in this week and tested it out, safe in the knowledge that if the blender broke, the kids were donating pocket money in order to buy a new one! ūüėČ

Luckily for the kids, the old blender did great and I managed to concoct a slushy for them without it breaking.

My eldest asked for it to be coloured so I took my inspiration from the film he had on, The Force Awakens, and went for space colours. The kids loved it!

You can also make this more¬†adult orientated by adding a shot of Raspberry¬†vodka…and leaving out the colouring if you wish. I kinda like it coloured, even though I’m apparently a, ‘grown up’ ūüėČ

(You’re never too old for a slushy!)


(Makes 2 jam jars of Slushy)

1/2 litre ice (preferably crushed a little)

200ml Raspberry Syrup (I used Tate and Lyle)

250ml Cold Water

Small amount of Blue Gel Food Colouring

Small amount of Purple Gel Food Colouring

50ml Raspberry Vodka (if making for an adult – I used Absolout Raspberri)



1 – Place the Ice, Raspberry Syrup and water in a blender (and also the Vodka now if you are using it!). Whizz until smooth and all the ice has been crushed.

(Did you know? You can use a Nutribullet to make slushy’s!?)

2 – Split the crushed Raspberry slush mixture into 2 jugs.

3 – Colour one bowl of ice Blue.

4 – Colour the other bowl of ice Purple.

5 – Layer some purple ice in the bottom of your glasses using a spoon.

6 – Now add a layer of blue ice on top.

7 – Continue to alternate colours with the remaining ice mixture until both glasses are full.

8 – Add a straw and enjoy!

“May the Force be with you…”

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