Britmums Daily Photo Challenge – Day 9: Food

“Food, glorious food!” Sadly I love the stuff (so does my waistline and butt sadly but never mind…I digress)

I appear to have ‘accidentally’ bought these boxes of yumminess in my online food shop…I don’t remember adding them to my basket. 

Honest. 😉🙊

I bought them accidently on purpose…

They’re by The Grown up Chocolate Company and they’re absolutely AMAZING!!! 

I’ve had the peanut one before (and it was too yummy – and my hubby doesn’t like Peanuts so I ate it all to myself! #winning) but the Dark chocolate one is new to me so I’ll be giving that a go later along with a Gin and Tonic 😉 

All in the name of research I’ll have you know…

The packaging is super cool and the chocolate inside is to die for. 

Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!

They’ve also released some rather brilliant sounding Easter eggs and I’ll be getting myself some this Easter for sure!

(I got mine from Ocado )

Have you ever seen anything so yummy?! (Ok, apart from David Beckham in his under crackers…)