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Never underestimate the power of the Pushchair!

I have written a post which is currently being featured on the fabulous blog, Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, which is written by the wonderful Claire.

Claire is a married mummy to 2 gorgeous little lads and she is a bit of a blogging Oracle in my eyes. She is one of the first bloggers I began reading regularly and I just love how she writes. Funny, sincere, real and heartwarming; her posts always manage to hit the right spot.

She loves chocolate, wine and Gerard Butler – all 3 of these things uniting together would pretty much place Claire in her idea of heaven…and who can blame her?!

Claire runs a series called, Rookie Mistakes, and my post, all about The Terrible 2’s and the power of the Pushchair, is currently being featured in this series. It’s a place where bloggers can share their experiences of parenthood, and inform you all of stupid things they have done which were, inevitably, a bit of a learning curve them. I have made many of these Rookie Mistakes myself…hence my love for Gin.

You can read my guest post for the Rookie Mistakes series, here!

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Thanks for having me Claire, you’re very brave, and I really appreciate it!


Rookie Mistakes

Toddler Tourettes…

I had the pleasure of my friends little one today to help her out while she is away with work.

Her little one, Millie, and my little one, Ben, are only 8 weeks apart in age and they get on famously so it was a real treat for my little lad to have his beloved at our house for the whole day.

Ben is trying to say words now but they don’t always come out correctly. He’s only just turned 2. Because of this, for the past 3 months, he has been calling his best friend, Willy, instead of, Millie.

Funny, yes. Cute, yes. Embarrassing, certainly, especially when he’s shouting it out going down the road near school because he’s on the lookout for her. Every. Single. Day.

Millie, it would appear, also suffers from the same, cute toddler mispronounciation affliction. Except hers is in place of saying, “what is it” I think and that’s manifesting itself as, shit.

Yes, shit.

So, for the whole walk back from school this morning, and then the whole way back to school this afternoon, I had the words, “Willy!”and “Shit!” being shouted super loud by 2 toddlers for 20 minutes.

Ben, “where Willy gone?? Willy!! Willy!!”

Millie, “shit?” (Pointing) “shit?!” (More Pointing)

It’s like Toddler Tourettes…and I thought it was absolutely, bloody hilarious.




He really loves her…she’s playing hard to get. Girl after my own heart.


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